A.V. Letan L.t.d.

Bečka 7
HR-52100 Pula

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E-mail. tomislav(at)hotel-letan.hr

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A.V. Letan L.t.d.

A.V.Letan L.t.d. is a company with many years of expertise in the field of construction and sale of houses, residential and commercial buildings, as well as various other facilities.

Our professional team is maximally dedicated to each client, and provides quality, legal security and advisory monitoring of real estate transactions.

The buildings are built according to the highest standards of construction with the necessary certificates, of modern urban design.

The apartments have a proper location and building permit with all approvals and other necessary documentation. The settlement has a complete infrastructure, including an asphalt road, water supply, sewerage, etc. ...

A study on condominiums has been prepared for each building, and each buyer becomes the owner of the apartment he is buying, and not a co-owner in a part of the building. In addition to the apartment, the buyer gets his own parking space.

The buyer buys the apartment directly from the investor and does not pay the agency commission or real estate transfer tax.

The apartments in Peroj are in a very nice position, at the entrance to the place on the north side. They are located only one kilometer from the sea near the hotel, restaurant, market, exchange office, etc. ...